Online Games - en-us BMX Boy Ride your bike across the city and do amazing stunts as you ride. BMX tricks BMX tricks is a cool game where you can show off your tricks by riding a BMX. The Pizza Guy You are the pizza guy. Dodge the traffic and deliver the pizza in a time. Being the pizza guy is no easy job. Cyclo Maniacs Unlock different characters and levels. This game will keep you hooked all day long. Icycle Icycle is not really a BMX bike game but is rather a puzzle, strategy game that combines elements of more traditional BMX bikes games into the mix. This is an extremely addictive game. BMX Ghost Race with the BMX ghost who is a recording of your previous best time. This game has six tracks. Sky High Ride In this game you have to race your bike to the finish line. Ride as fast as you can and perform cool tricks to score points. Stick BMX Madness Ride over the smooth and hilly terrain and collect diamonds. Unlock the levels levels.Look for the hammer to open up the locked areas. Track the arrows and follow them. Animal Bike Tour In this game you have to do amazing stunts to get across the river. Choose your character and start riding. BMX Ramp Take your bike and hit the town. Collect fuel and perform amazing stunts. The more difficult the stunt the more points you earn. Party Interrupted You were interrupted at Jodi's birthday. You have an important mission. Ride through the woods and save the city from the Giant Hamster. BMX Backflips Perform cool back flips and other tricks as you race to the finish. The game is in timed mode so make sure that you do not run out of time. Alex Trax Help Alex reach the exit without falling off. Jump High into the sky to collect hidden bonus. BMX Pro Style Perform stunts and tricks on your BMX bike and score points. Stick BMX Challenge Want the the fun of stick figure games and the appeal of BMX bike games? This is the just the game for you. The first level is the introductory and then the level keep getting harder.